Virtual Reunion

Go to the 1st page of our Virtual Reunion or select a classmate from the following list.   Be the
next addition as we all enjoy your stories and more recent photos since our FCHS days.

If you'd like to be added simply email Joni and send her your story and also a recent picture if
you'd like.   We have most of the Senior Class pictures for years '70 through '74.
The Virtual Reunion has been a big hit for many, whether you can attend reunions or not.

Dyanne Aker Hughes

Sherry Black Eberhardt
Charlotte Blake
Ron Buckley
Tom Buckley
Lynn Burton Helder
Linda Bussler Seay

Brian Campbell
Linda Caperton
Mark Clark
Judy Clements Hughes
Joanne Crim McQuain

Craig Davis
Robert Dennison

Jeane Foster
Jeff Freehof

Sharon Graham Seidel
Gail Griffith Moore
Cathy Grimes Sanders
Pamela Jo "PJ" Gross Daniels
April Guice

Ed Heyman
Linda Holper Carraway
Victor Hunter edited 7/30/13

Peggy Johnson Walden
Shelly Johnson Moore
Elaine Julian Lieb

Nancy Kirkland Klein new 7/29/13

Mike Layland
Amos Lu
Joni Lyon Buckley

Barbara Major Buckley
George McQuain
George Megaw
Robin Milhado Wilson
Mike Murphy

James Oliver
Larry Olsen
Tom Oney

Kathy Pazanowski Estep
Pete Pometto
Leonard Pumphrey

Mary Ridgeway Piper
Kathie Roberts Perez
Beverlee Rubin Jobrack

Steve Sellers
Maria Sieve
Marilyn Sirpis Beames
Sharon Spradlin Meadows
Anna Smith Elwood
Rebecca Stacks new 8/3/13
Linda Steckbeck Merlino

Lucinda Stevens
Lisa Tavelli Feinburg new 7/29/13
Ron Taylor
Vicki Tew Cockrell
Theresa Tiller Holloway
Jerrell Todd
Bob Townsend

Joyce Walker
Tom Waller
Mark Waymack
Wendy Weaver Eaton
Mike Weber
Jared Williams
Tom Wimmer
Linda Woodridge Chester
Terry Woods

Larry Zuntz