Virtual Reunion

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                                    Larry Olsen

I met Debbie (see Debbie) in February 1977 and married her in September 1977 (3 months after Debbie graduated from - oh yeah - Jeb Stuart).   We have lived in the states of Utah, Maryland and Virginia.  We started our own tiny computer consulting company and worked mostly with DOD/Office of the Secretary of Defense, Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Agriculture.   As the company grew and we grew a bit older and a bit tired of ownership headaches, we sold the company.  I went to work for Lockheed Martin.

We now live in Fredericksburg, Virginia.   We have raised 8 wonderful children, ranging in ages today from 17 to 30.   We have ten grandchildren.


                    Robin Milhado Wilson

Just want to say thanks to Joni and Tom for the web page.   And to those who have contributed their photos and stories.   It was good to see you all again.  Sorry for missing the 35th reunion.

After graduation, I went to work at the Guaranty Bank and Trust Company in Loehmann's Plaza in Falls Church.  I saved up enough money to move to Western Montana in 1974.  Nine years later I graduated from the University of Montana, Missoula with a BS in Business Administration, Accounting.  Nine years seems like a long time to obtain an undergraduate degree, but time went by really fast there; so many things to do, what with the great outdoors, and the part-time jobs. Oh, yes, and the studying.

In 1985 I moved back to Northern Virginia.   Fifteen years went by while I worked at a series of jobs in the area; some were more interesting than others.  Time passed but not so fast this time. By 2000 I ended up at Dulles working for an air cargo company.  This was a good move personally as I met Bob there.  We were married two years later. Since then I've traveled with my husband to Hong Kong, Britain and Europe.   And time is going by a lot faster these days.

I've included a photo of Bob and me (see picture) taken at Ft. McHenry, Baltimore, MD, on Veteran's Day, 2008.  And I'll look forward to the 40Th Reunion.   Until then, take care.


                    Mark Waymack

I saw many of you at the Reunion last summer.   So I hate to repeat what is pretty widely known already.  Suffice it to say, I still teach Philosophy at Loyola University Chicago.   Sadly, my wife, Pam, died of cancer in August 2009; so I now qualify for that weighty label "widower."   My two daughters are growing up: one in university and the other in 8th grade.

I did, however, go to Kenya and Tanzania from January 1 January 11, on a trip to visit a variety of projects aimed at helping with the crisis of orphans created by HIV/AIDS.  My group saw the slums of Nairobi, we picked tea in the Highlands north of Nairobi, visited AIDS orphanages, and on the last day visited a small project in rural Tanzania (on the southern slopes of Kilimanjaro) where two cooperatives were learning to grow pigs as a business to help pay for raising AIDS orphans.  For your amusement, I include one picture (see picture) from that last site visit in Kibosho, TZ.

Mark Waymack

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