Virtual Reunion

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                     Joyce Walker

It is hard to believe that itís been 35 years! Iíve been singing with Potomac Harmony Chorus, Sweet Adelineís International for 32 years. I believe that I listed as a goal in our 10th reunion blurb that I wanted the chorus to win Regional 1st place medals. I am happy to say that weíve done it five times since then, allowing us to perform in San Antonio, TX; Salt Lake City, UT; Phoenix, AZ; Detroit, MI (was supposed to be New Orleans, but a little hurricane called Katrina happened five weeks prior!); and last October in Calgary, Canada. If youíre located in the Northern Virginia area, check out our web site for opportunities to see us perform!

In November, I will celebrate 24 years with the same company! That makes me the longest surviving member of our division. . .boy, do I know where the skeletons are! HAH!

                              April Guice

Greetings to my fellow classmates of Ď73! How can it be 35 years!!!

I am always so thankful that when I hear other people speak of their unhappy experiences during high school, that I had the opposite experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my high school years and have many of you to thank for those great fun and learning times!

I continue to serve my country at the Department of State in Protocol and using the taxpayersí money (including yours and mine!) wisely in promoting a better and, at times, more peaceful world through diplomacy. This is now my 29th year at the Department. It has been an amazing career but I am looking forward to the next season of my life whatever that might be!

My love for swing dancing is still going strong despite a few limitations now due to back issues and the fact that Iím not in my 20ís! I even perform with a dance team. . .strictly amateur. I also continue to sing with my chorale and am now serving on the Board.

Of course, my real joy and contentment in life comes from serving Christ and my relationships with my family and friends.

                          Mike Layland

Dear Classmates,

Greetings from Tennessee!   After 32 years as a band director (5 of those as director of the Falls Church HS Band!) I have retired and moved to Knoxville with my wife, Laura and son, Stephen.  East Tennessee is beautiful and we have a great view (see another view) of the Smoky Mountains from our front porch.

I am currently enjoying the novelty of retirement, but I miss teaching and hope to be back at it in some way in the near future.  In the meantime, I am performing with two local bands, watching a lot of baseball and spending precious time in the beautiful state parks that surround us.

I am very much looking forward to seeing many of you at the 40th reunion in July.

Stay well my friends!

Mike Layland

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