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                     Tom Wimmer

After High School Bob Clark and I went on a road trip /adventure to Florida.

I worked for several years with SCS Engineering that did work for the EPA and traveled around the country.   Later went into the automotive business and retired about 8 years ago from being a General Manager for and Olds/Buick dealership.

Debbie and I have had 33 wonderful years together and we raised 3 lovely children, Jessica, Tom and Patti (See family) and put them through college at William & Mary and George Mason Universities.

I've been to all the reunions and keep in touch with Bob Clark and Tom Buckley.
My travels have taken me to Australia, Alaska, Hawaii and the midwesten states.

We have a nice garden out back where I relax and spend time with my Gnome collection.
If anyone would like to contact me my email address is

Best regards, Tom Wimmer

           Kathy Pazanowski Estep

Hard to believe the year is almost at an end, and even harder to believe that 35 years have gone by since we were all in high school together!!!   I enjoyed the reunion and promised that I would get something together for the website when I got a chance.   So here goes....

I went to George Mason University right out of high school and graduated four years later with bachelors in Spanish and Latin American Studies.   I also earned a Virginia high school teaching certificate.   As some of you may remember, at that time there was a huge glut of teachers, and I had trouble getting a teaching position.

During college I met my husband and was married the autumn after college graduation.   We had one daughter, Kristi (28), before were divorced in 1981.   I am still single today.   I focused a great deal of my effort at raising my daughter and going back to school.   I earned an MBA in 1984 from George Mason University.   I live in Centreville, Virginia which is out near Dulles Airport.

I worked for a couple of years in the beer and wine industry doing purchasing, and developed an appreciation for wines.   Most of my family is spoiled now also, and only want me to buy the holiday selections.

Currently, I am in the middle of a twenty year career with the federal government.   Most of the time has been spent at the Department of the Treasury.   I work in federal contracting.   I am actually starting to think about retirement, but it is still several years away.

Since turning fifty, I’ve developed the travel bug.   Kristi and I have been traveling overseas each year.   We have been to Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany and most recently England.   The picture I’ve enclosed is me with my “knight in shining armor” (Click here to see) that was taken in Warwick Castle England in October 2008.   Not sure where 2009 will take us, but we are starting to think about it!


                    Tom Buckley & Joni Lyon Buckley

We never had any classes together all through Whittier or Falls Church High School.  We did, however, meet daily in the same stairway at the end of each school day during our senior year.   Tom was on crutches due to the injuries from a motorcycle accident before that school year. Tom took up the whole stairway, using the handles on both sides to come down.   He had several surgeries on that leg.   Joni went to visit him at Fairfax Hospital after graduation and later we dated.  We married in 1976.

Tom went to work for IBM in Washington, DC right out of high school.  He trained to repair Selectric typewriters and later other word processors of the day.  After those products were phased out he began working on most of the computer families, peripherals and some check sorters.  There were some opportunities for management, but we were enjoying our home and family close by and a move was not in the cards.  Besides, Tom enjoyed his customer contact and having his hands in the hardware.   At the end of 30 years he retired from IBM to pursue an invention interest and some hobbies.

After high school, Joni graduated from The Washington School for Secretaries in 1974.  She went to work for the Department of Defense, Military Traffic Management Command at Bailey's Crossroads.  Worked there until Tom requested a transfer to Myrtle Beach, SC in 1978.  After the move Joni became a lady of leisure for a few years.

Our son, Brian, was born in July 1981. (See us) Joni stayed home with him until he was almost three.  He's a great guy, graduated from college and lives close by.   Tom says he takes after Joni more as he's never gotten into much trouble.

Upon returning to work Joni found a position at the Sea Mist Hotel in reservations.  Next she went to work for a real estate office and became licensed.   The license was a formality for the position, she never actually made sales.  Then she worked for an attorney for almost 7 years and after that for a graphic artist.   One project was the "Stay & Play" guide that was distributed by the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce.  When the graphic artist decided to move his office to his home, the civil engineering firm next door was expanding and needed the artist's office space.  They knocked down a wall, took over the space and hired Joni.   Her desk never moved while she changed careers.

In 2000 when a group from the engineering office decided to start a new business with backing of a land planning and engineering firm from Raleigh, NC, she moved with them. She became office and project manager until recently when the office was closed due to the down turn in the economy and housing market.  Joni is searching for her next opportunity.

Prior to and since leaving IBM, Tom has been working on a thermostat invention, that has been awarded two US Patents.   He was approached by our HVAC contractor in 1995 to utilize his electronics hobby to develop two functioning prototypes.   These prototypes have been taken to shows and shown on TV.   They were both on ABC's American Inventor in the 2007 season briefly as they did not make the final cut to go to Hollywood.   He is currently perfecting some manufacturing techniques to start making units locally for new home starts when the housing market recovers in 2009.

We've been to all the reunions.   Joni really loves finding classmates, keeping everyone in touch and staying involved with the reunions.   Tom does this website now, it fell into place after Leonard Pumphrey got things started and later linked some pages with Tom to add the pictures.

Thanks for all your help, ideas, feedback and attendance of the reunions.   See you at the 40th!

Tom and Joni

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