Virtual Reunion

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                  Jeane Foster   '72

I work for USDA/Natural Resource Conservation service doing irrigation system improvements - survey and design.   I am single, have three kids, 27, 24 and 20 years old.  I live at 7,000 feet, have chickens and cats on 5 acres of piņon juniper woodlands.
Love to garden, read, hike and backpack, have explored the Grand Canyon and southern Utah extensively.   Also seen much of New Mexico and I love it here.
Mi casa es su casa.

Jeane Foster

      Pamela Jo "PJ" Gross Daniels   '72

Hi everyone,

I was class of 72'.   Not much has changed, still married to my wonderful husband of 32 years, Dan Daniels, Class of 70. (see them)   We will be going to his 40th reunion in October.

Still raising golden retrievers in Front Royal. A litter is on the way if anyone is interested.

Looking to retirement on our lake property in SC.

Hope maybe to hear from some of you.

PJ Gross Daniels

    Nancy Kirkland Klein   '72

This is what I do for a living, Conduct Music!   All of those hours observing Mr. Lunsford
and Mr. Stegner in rehearsal
were not wasted on me!    I attended  the  University  of Richmond after FCHS, majoring
in Music.   I taught Choral/Band in Central KY for 7 years while finishing my MME in Vocal Performance at EKU.  Then on to NYU, where I earned the Ph.D. in Music while acting as Assistant Director of Choirs.  I also met my husband, Robert, at NYU.  We moved to VA in 1986 where he completed an M.A. in  Theatre  while  I began  my  now  24-year  career  as a  professor of music  at ODU.  Currently, I am the Graduate Program Director for the MME Degree at ODU, and I direct the Choral Program and teach conducting at all levels.  The opportunities we have had are WAY more than we could ever deserve, and we credit God's faithfulness to the unusual lives we lead.  Robert is currently a Fine Arts teacher in Virginia Beach and does acting/ directing on the side.  Our oldest (Carey) is out of college & teaching (and engaged to be married) and our youngest (Chandler) has one more year to go for a major in Musical Theatre.   They both attended Asbury University in KY.

We have traveled the world together, our family runs Fine Arts Summer Training (FAST) Camps for children in a number of locations: Turkey, Spain, US. So our kids have grown up around the arts.  I have had the joy of making music all over, this summer I will return to Europe to conduct a 7-country tour with the "Sound of America" Honor Band and Choir (that's where we were last summer, so I missed out on Orkney).   Next year I have been contracted to conduct Mozart's "Solemn Vespers" at Avery Fisher Hall, and I do several concerts a year w/my University Concert Choir and Diehn Chorale.

I also  direct the  choir/orchestra  and Men's Chorus  at my church in  Virginia Beach.   Although it is not possible to get rich as a College Professor (we have not had a raise
in 3 years. . . .) I really love what I do.  I was recently awarded the "Robert Stern Award"
at ODU  for Excellence  in Teaching,  and the "Joel S. Lewis Award" for  Excellence in Mentoring.   I have the opportunity to spread the passion for music-making and train up the next generation of music educators.  I've been around so long that my students graduate, teach and then send me their I have "grandchildren" in this manner (I tell Mr. Stegner that they are his "great Grandchildren").  FCHS was the foundation for so much of what I do, I never realized until I got out just how blessed we all were to be in the band program...we saw excellence modeled every day . . . even at 6:30 a.m. running marching drills on the practice field.   I wish many of my students had come through such a disciplined program, I know that FCHS has produced many exceptional individuals.

Nancy Kirkland Klein

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