Virtual Reunion

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                        Lucinda Stevens

After graduating from Falls Church High School.  I went to Radford University.   After college I worked as a federal employee at the US Geological Survey.   I met my husband, got married in 1980 and then divorced in 2005.   I have two children, a daughter, age 26 and a son, age 23.

I am currently living in Tierra Verde (St. Petersburg), Florida.  I work as a budget analyst/administrative officer at the Department of Veterans Affairs (Federal Government).

I promise I will be at the 40th reunion, since I have missed all the others.  I enjoy looking at the pictures, and seeing all the familar faces from the halls of FCHS.

Cindee (Lucinda) Stevens

          Beverly Ruth Rubin Jobrack

I started with the class of '73 but graduated early with the class of '72, so I recognized a lot of people in Virtual Reunion.   Two of my sisters, Alice Rubin Dixon, and Annette Rubin still live in Northern Virginia so I get back there regularly.   I was thrilled to be there in January to attend Obama's Inauguration.

After graduation I attended Clark University in Worcester, MA and graduated in 1976 with a BA in English and a teaching certificate.  My husband and I moved out to an 100-acre farm in central Ohio that had been left to my mother, thinking we would live off the land with goats and chickens for a few years before we moved to a big city.   We're still here 33 years later with a big organic garden and thinking of getting chickens again.  Goats were too much for us after we had our own kids. (see Bev and kids)

I taught middle school English, then worked in interactive educational television, and retired in 2008 after 24 years in educational publishing as editorial director at SRA/McGraw-Hill.  Last year I started a couple businesses, one, Jobrack Associates, as instructional designer/consultant and another, Bookacres, selling vintage board games on the internet.   It has been incredibly exciting, stimulating, and rewarding.

My husband, Stewart Jobrack, teaches cultural anthropology and is finishing his Ph.D. We have two daughters, Charlotte and Madeline.  Charlotte graduated in 2008 from Colby College and is working in an eco-laundrymat, studying philosophy, and writing poetry in Portland, Maine. Madeline will enter Kenyon College as a freshman this fall.

I'll be 54 in a few days and life is really good.

All best to one and all, Beverlee

                        Terry Woods

Well, let's see where do I start?   After our very hot and humid commencement exercise at Wolf Trap, I went to the party at Jeannie Eplings' house which was a great place for a party since I only had to stagger up Largo Lane to get home.  The next day I woke up staring at the ceiling with a hangover and thinking "Why did I just blow off 12 years of education?" With no goals or ambition, I entered Nova in the fall of 1973 and studied Hotel and Restaurant Management.

In August of 1976 I jumped on my Yamaha 500 and took off for Las Vegas where I entered UNLV to continue my studies.  Las Vegas was not the place for a 23 year old when the only priority in life was having a good time!!  After spending a year of debauchery and immaturity, I returned to Virginia in July of 1977.  In October of 1977 I began working at the Merrifield Post Office.

During the late 70's and early 80's I enjoyed some of the best times of my life while living in a house on Dolce Drive in Annandale.  My housemates were JC Clarke, Marty Clarke, and Paul Grogan.  I think some of our "keggers" are still being talked about in the neighborhood!  Vic Hunter and the late, great Mark Bray (still miss his laugh) were regulars at our parties.

In 1986 I moved to Leesburg where I purchased a condo.  In the fall of 1986 while walking across the workroom floor at the Merrifield PO my life changed forever....she was beautiful that my shyness would not allow me to even say hello to her for 2 months.  On July 20, 1987 we had our first date...Pargo's in Manassas where we drank Margaritas and ate nachos.  On August 27,1988 we were married in Gainesville and settled in Manassas. (see pictures)   Nancy had two children from a previous marriage, Nathan now 30 and Amy now 28.  It was a joy helping her raise two very wonderful people.  On June 27, 2007 I walked Amy down the aisle and she is expecting our first grandchild in November.

In 1992 Nancy and I both transferred to the Dulles Post Office and we sold our house in Manassas and moved to Haymarket in 1994.  In June of 2000 I left the PO and started working for United Airlines...this turned out to be the biggest mistake I have ever made.....United went thru bankruptcy in 2003 and the entire work environment changed.  I still had a job, but it was a very depressing place to be employed.  In June of 2006 my wife got a promotion to the Portland, Maine Post Office.   After a year on the market we sold our house in Haymarket in May of 2007 and I joined her in Maine.  I'm once again employed by the PO and work in Freeport, Maine.   I guess all in all my life has been very normal....plenty of good times and many sad times...but looking back I don't think I would change anything...Hope to see everybody at the next reunion.

Your friend and classmate, Terry

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