Virtual Reunion

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               Robert Dennison

After college, and playing bass guitar in several rock bands, I went into the time-sharing/resort vacation industry.   I lived 12 years in The Bahamas and 5 years in Jamaica, but now I have moved back to Virginia so my son can begin his education in the States.

                                Mary Ridgeway

Well, I think the only reunion I have been to was the 1st one.  Since then, I got divorced, moved to Atlanta and remarried a true Southerner, Bill.   I had another son which gave us the "yours, mine and ours".   I was working in the dental field and switched to commerical property management.   I am currently with Reit Management & Research LLC in Atlanta as an Assistant Property Manager.   My oldest son married and has given me the cutest grandson, now 7 and a 1st grader.   My only daughter had travel abroad and met a young man, Czech, in Prague and we all went there to celebrate that wedding.   The youngest is still at home and is a Junior in HS.   I spend all my time between work, events at the HS and visiting the kids.   At least once a year I get together with 4 very close girl friends here and we go off for a few days at or near a beach. Sorry I missed the event.  I will definately keep the time open for the next one.

                Ed Heyman

I've been in Irvine, California since getting out of graduate school thirty years ago, working for a succession of defense contractors (CACI, ORION Scientific Systems (which I co-owned), SRA International (to whom we sold ORION)).   Each was co-located in Northern Virginia, so I got back to the area pretty regularly on travel, until I lost my first wife Barbara to brain cancer in 1997, and stopped traveling to raise my kids.  My son Ben is a senior this year at Pitzer College; my daughter Jordana just got her MA in Education from the University of Judaism and is leaving this weekend to spend two years in Jerusalem on a graduate fellowship at Pardes Institute.   My current (and, hopefully, last!) wife, Deborah's daughter Tamar was married this May in Sausalito.

On the side, I still play drums (still badly!); I've served on a number of non-profit boards and was President of Tarbut V'Torah Community Day School from 2001 to 2007, which my kids attended from elementary school through high school.   Over the past few years, I've gone back to school to study photography, and have shown in a number of juried exhibitions.   I've attached a self-portrait.

Mike Szymanski visits me whenever he gets down this way, God love him.
Best regards to all!     /ed

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