Virtual Reunion

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Leonard Pumphrey

After graduating from high school, I lived at home and attended George Mason University. It took me forever to graduate (not that I cared). I graduated with a degree in history. I am still associated with GMU as I am a long time season ticket holder for their men's basketball team (2006 was an unbelievable run).

While attending college, I applied for a job with the CIA. After months of background checking, I became a member of the world's finest intelligence agency. I did many things the many years I worked there. Many I cannot tell, but of those I can the most interesting was being a political analyst. Most of that part of the career I dealt with European countries, mostly in the Baltics, but not exclusively there.

Come July I will have been married 30 years. I have a son who will be 26, who works for My Plumber in northern Va. (shameless plug alert: If you need plumbing done call the company and ask for Craig Pumphrey, I know he is good at what he does). My daughter, who will be 23 this May, is graduating from Eastern Kentucky University and plans to move to Nashville, her goal is to get into the music industry and or eventually getting involved with NASCAR.

Since retiring from the CIA, I have gotten my teaching degree, and for the last 6 years I have been a teacher. The last 4 I have been with Manassas Christian School as their middle school social studies and writing teacher. I love the teaching part. I am not too keen on the discipline part.

My wife and I have just become proud grandparents (see them) . My son and his wife had their first child on February 16. I have included a picture of us with the baby on the day she was born.

I have kept in touch with some of the FCHS gang over the years. I hope to see more in the years to come.


Ron Buckley & Barbara Major Buckley

After high school Ron and Barbara both attended Virginia Tech. After graduating from college, we married in December 1977. Ron became an FBI Agent and Barb an elementary school teacher. We remained in Fairfax County until Ron was transferred to Roanoke, VA in 1991, a great place to live and raise a family. Ron has since retired from the FBI and is currently operating a small home improvement business. Barb is still teaching but plans to retire in a few years. We have two daughters, Brittany 24, who graduated from Virginia Tech and is in her second year of law school at Tulane University and Meredith who is a freshman at Virginia Tech.

Jared Williams

As I may have mentioned before, I've been traveling the world on new embassy projects, and just returned from Pakistan.   However, I'm just settling-in for a new gig here at the Pentagon.

After, and even some during school, I came up through the construction trade here in the DC Metro/East Coast area, doing bridge demolitions and nautical navigation.  That led to a marine contractor position doing various contracted demo work during the Viet Nam era.

Upon my return, I put myself through university, since my parents didn't have the money to pay for all 6 of us kids.  After completely unused triple-majors in college, I got into Project Management, QC and Safety on Corps of Engineers jobs, and was Captain of a Confined Space Rescue Team at Fort Belvoir, where I found myself helping FEMA during the 9/11 attacks.

Before 9/11 I had gone to a federal agency, where I made the transition from Environmental Safety & Health management, to Emergency Evacuation Operations, Disaster Prep, and Anti-terror work.

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the transition into fulltime anti-terror and security seemed like a logical career move.  I left the agency and was registered as a Personal Services Contractor (PSC) for DHS, where I conducted Title III Surveillance for an investigative bureau.   Continuing as a PSC, I managed Site Security at various State Dept New Embassy Compound Projects.  My most recent contract was as a Construction Surveillance Tech (CST) at the BRAC/NGA relocation project back at Fort Belvoir.

As far as my side interests, Iíve been involved in fast water rescue for my local fire & rescue department.  I lived on my sailboat for a year before I went to Africa, and enjoy boating and water sports of all kinds.  I played in various bands (mostly Blues, but some Classic Rock, Jazz, and Reggae too).  Since my Dad flew planes in his military life, I was introduced at a very early age and have enjoyed flying small aircraft since ground school at 17, and look forward to buying my own plane soon.

Despite my seemingly rough background, I've remained somewhat of an academic.  Iím still very interested in the Sciences with 3 temporary patents, with 7 more yet to submit.   I have five unfinished books (on various subjects) three of which are ready for publishing.

I didn't get married until 44, divorced at 52, but have two great little kids out of it all, whom I see about every other week.  I plan to retire in two years, and maybe teach at one of the universities out west.

Thatís probably much more of a chronology than you can use, but it was the only way I could make any sense out of my disconnected and hectic life.

Later, JW

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