Virtual Reunion

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                     Ron Taylor

Following graduation from FCHS, I attended the University of Virginia, which afforded many enjoyable times. In 1976, Ned Nicholas and I drove across the country in a Pinto (no air conditioning, but with the legendary Pinto Passing Power) to "rescue" Huck Greenberg from his summer job at Mt. Rainier National Park. We hiked Mt. Rainier and hung out in Seattle, and the three of us then managed to drive back to Virginia without getting rear ended. I decided to go to law school at the College of William and Mary and moved to Baltimore, Maryland to begin working after graduating in 1981. Twenty-seven years later, I am still living in Baltimore and working at the same firm (Venable LLP), though it has grown from about 100 lawyers to nearly 600. I practice labor and employment law and co-chair my firm’s practice group in that area. Proving it is a small world, for several years, Mary Jane (Desrosiers) Saunders (FCHS 1974) was a partner of mine at Venable.

While in law school, I met my wife, Lynn. She and I were married in Williamsburg in the Wren Chapel prior to moving to Baltimore in the summer of 1981. Lynn is a tennis professional who played at William and Mary and who continues to play competitively (Lynn and her sister, Joanne, were runners-up at the USTA Indoor Nationals in Detroit this summer in their age group) as well as to teach tennis and to coach the varsity, junior varsity and middle school teams at a private school for girls. We have two sons, Russell and Steven, each of whom, not surprisingly, plays tennis. Russell is in his third year at Virginia Tech and Steven is in high school.

Over the years, I have (regularly or sporadically) stayed in touch with many of our fellow classmates — particularly Ned Nicholas, Tom Waller, Huck Greenberg, Carl O’Malley, Vic Hunter, and Leonard Pumphrey — and to my regret have lost touch with so many others. I enjoy reviving old friendships and talking to classmates that I did not know especially well in high school at the reunions, and look forward to seeing everyone at our next event (thanks in advance, Joni).

In the meantime, here are some random FCHS memories to reflect upon (and perhaps to expound on at the next reunion):
     1.   The Nike missile site in Pohick
     2.   Vic Hunter's yellow GTO (see GTO)
     3.   Cold Duck and Anne Green Springs
     4.   Sir Lance-A-Hawk
     5.   Ms. Corbin's ambidexterity (and the trick for remembering how to pronounce
           his last name given to her by Riad Yassine)
     6.   Mike Wolf's MG
     7.   Parties at Marty and John Clark's house
     8.   Humanities class
     9.   Ducks in the courtyard
   10.   ABC by the Jackson Five in the cafeteria in the morning
   11.   Senior Skip Day at Great Falls and elsewhere
   12.   The temperature at graduation at Wolf Trap

Best regards to all.

           Marilyn Sirpis Beames

I was whisked off to San Diego, CA between sophomore and junior year, used to keep in touch with Wendy Weaver, Joanne Crim, Sue Sherba, Janie McDaniel, Barbara Bennett and several others. But as with all things, time and peoples lives change and I've lost touch.

I graduated from Poway High School, San Diego County, CA in 1973, and San Diego State 1977 with a degree in Child Development, emphasis in Severely Handicapped Individuals. I worked at a freight forwarding company until I moved to the San Francisco area in 1979. I currently work as an office manager in a physical therapy clinic in San Mateo, and have been there for 20 years.

I married my husband, David, in 1998, first time for both of us! (see them) No kids, too old to start at age 43, but we have lots of nieces and nephews, and friends with children and grandchildren. We own a townhouse in Foster City, CA about 25 miles south of San Francisco. Please say hello to everyone, pass on my email address if anyone remembers me.

                    Pete Pometto

I am married (26 years) we have one son (19 years old) who is currently a sophomore at V. C. U. in Richmond and applying to the College of Arts. I just retired, October 1st, from Fairfax County Public Schools, after 30 years in the county. During those 30 years I taught Physical Education, Health, Industrial Technology, Keyboarding, Special Education, Math, English, Science and was a substitute Administrator. Twenty-nine of my thirty years were at the intermediate/middle school level and one year at the elementary level. I am currently heading up and down the east coast visiting family and friends. When I am not traveling I have a ”honey-do” list that is keeping me occupied. My email address is

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