Virtual Reunion

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               Cathy Grimes Sanders

Since the last reunion I started a 501C3, Shaken Baby Prevention, Inc. (   We are small but committed to help children with a variety of special needs in the Washington Metropolitan Area with therapeutic horseback riding scholarships, durable medical equipment, etc.   We also run outdoor advertising campaigns for the awareness and prevention of Shaken baby Syndrome.  We educate high school students, juvenile detention residents and college students on the dangers of shaking a baby and how to cope with inconsolable crying in infants.

I also have a part time job that I absolutely love, working on a private golf course, driving a beverage cart.   I consider this job my “yoga."  I’m outside in the quiet countryside.  I also substitute teach part time.   My husband, Steve, (Annandale High ’73) owns a design/build company and our son Ryan, a shaken baby survivor with multiple disabilities, just turned 16.

I also spend most of my free time in the gym, absolutely love working out!!

If anyone would like to contact me they can email me at and I invite everyone to visit my website as it is really informative and there are pictures of me on it.

see sister Judy & Cathy

                  Brian Campbell

Kathleen and I renewed our vows
larger image for our 20th.   Ronnie Nystrom, Jimmy Stange, and Jeff Place were at the original weddding.   Kathleen and I with our 16 year old Austin have now lived in Golden, Colorado for 14 years - loving life.
Respectfully, Brian

                           Linda Caperton

I did check out all the pics on the reunion and I was wondering if I really did graduate from that class??   If it werent for the names given I would swear Ive never seen these people before.   I'm sorry I missed out on all the fun.

I just moved into a new home in the mountains (high desert) of New Mexico hopefully to stay, having moved from California, Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Arizona again.  I've been a full time artist for the past eight years having been an interior and floral designer in a previous life.  How time flys!!   I specialize in watercolor, acrylic, acrylic on silk, dye on silk paintings and wearable art.   Check out to see my web site.   Thanks for all the updating your doing, it's a lot of fun reminiscing!!
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