In Memoriam

To those who were our friends… “we miss you.”      

                 To those who are our friends… “we cherish you.”

John Bakanas
Paul Birch
Douglas Bly
Mark Bray
Bonnie Brown
Linda Bussler Seay
Ceasar Chester
Gerald Cilinski
Emilio Ciolfi
Barbara Clark
Brian Cooper
Wesley Dameron
Don Davis
Kathy DeHaven Nystrom
Brian Geist
Suzette Genduso Twigg
Paul Guice
Brad Harris
Mary Hepler
Tommy Hile
Michael Hill
Charles Leake
Kevin Lindsay
Susan McElwee
George McQuain
Daniel Ohleger
Albert Redman, III
Jim Riggles
Kenneth Russell
Randy Saylor
Eric Snyder
Anne Strain Schier
Susan Summers
Terry Usery
Michael E. Weber
Tom Wimmer
Stephen Wright
Marcia Yanick

In our hearts and in our minds, our dear friends will remain      

              Until one day in a better place, we all shall meet again.