History of Falls Church High School
1944 - 2009

This History of Falls Church High School as written herein was made possible through the efforts of Cathy Benner, Principal and Magda Cabrero, Dean of Students of Falls Church High School.   Thanks to them for all their hard work, research and verification of information through yearbooks, newspaper articles, school newspapers and contributions/ suggestions from classmates.  Thank you everyone.  12/17/2009 

1944 - 1945

Only year of being at Jefferson High School (intersection of Hillwood Ave. and Cherry Street in Falls Church City, erected in 1873)
-Principal Mackall Bruin, Jr. (3 years)
-Only Sports:  football, basketball (girls and boys) and baseball
-It had a school patrol (students)

May 18, 1945

Cornerstone laid for new high school:  a bottle of wine for strength, corn for
growth and oil for wisdom, roster of American presidents, a Bible, a copy of
US history, and list of original students.

1945 - 1946

-High School in new building in Falls Church City
-Sept. 1945 – opened its doors to 522 students (including 8th grade),
 246 males, 276 females and 23 teachers as a successor to Thomas Jefferson  Institute
-A committee is assigned to write FCHS’ Honor Code. This code remained in
 effect until March of 1966.
-First graduating class (39 students)
-450 lockers originally ordered
-Civic Air Patrol starts

1946 - 1947

-A group of students is selected to work as hall monitors.
-New extra-curricular activities:  Varsity Club (to promote interest in sports-  only students  receiving varsity letters could be members); Art Club (very  active club); Future  Homemakers of America starts; Chess and Checkers  Club; Airplane Club; Cricket
-Music Department:   Band- one female, remainder all males and one female  (less than  20)

1947 - 1948

-New principal Howard Richardson (2 years)
-Debut to hockey

1948 - 1949

-First addition to Falls Church High School
-New extra-curricular activities:  Volleyball, Latin League, Driving Club;  Photography Club,  Dramatic Club, Dance Club and Music Club
-Music Department:  Band has more females, madrigals, quartet (four males)

1949 - 1950

-New Principal William Rumbough (7 years)
-New extra-curricular activities:  Folk Dancing Club, Coin and Stamp Club (all  males),  Tree Planting Club

1950 - 1951

-Falls Church City opened its own school system even though George Mason  was in Fairfax County and FCHS was in Falls Church City.
-New extra-curricular activities:  Golf Team, Track Team; Softball, Key Club  (only boys, by  invitation only), Tri-Hi-Y Club (for standards of Christian  character, all members were  female); Sub-Deb Club (national organization for  females who were sixteen-eighteen  years of age for discussion of teen-age problems),  Psychology Club, Needlecraft Club,  Printing Club.
-Yearbook pays tribute to PTA

1951 - 1952

-New extra-curricular activities:   Track Team, Table Tennis Club, Pep Club  (to promote  school spirit), Bible Club (for religious tolerance, bible quizzes,  gospel chorus),Monogram  Club (to promote girls’ spirit and sports)
-First non-Caucasian senior superlative, “Most Likely to Succeed” (Rashid  Abdu was  Junior of Middle-Eastern background Junior)

1952 - 1953

-Second addition to the building.  
-FCHS reaches 1,200 students.
-Junior-Senior Prom at Washington National Airport
-New extra-curricular activities:   Majorettes, Folk Dancing Club, Model Club,   Future  Teachers of America Club
-Music Program:   Mixed Chorus, Girls’ Chorus, A Cappella Choir, Band

1953 - 1954

-New extra-curricular activities:   Spanish Fiesta, Senate, Sweetheart Court,  National  Thespian Society, Radio Club, Debate Club, Astronomy Club,  Forensics Club
-Music Program:   new Mastersingers, Sextettes, Trios

1954 – 1955

-FCHS’ A Cappella choir won a silver cup in its first national competition at the  Talbott  Music Festival in Princeton, NJ.
-New extra-curricular activities:  Monogram Club (to encourage involvement  with sports),  French Club, FBLA, Arts and Crafts Club, Film Viewing Club  and The Jaguar Journal

1955 - 1956

-Last year of Principal General William S. Rumbough
-Reference made in the yearbook to the country’s “seriously divided people”
-Junior Civitan is started to promote good citizenship

1956 – 1957

-New Principal William Leon Mason.  
-Two male assistant principals

1957 - 1958

-FCHS makes the news:   Students at FCHS are running around with paper- backed  classics under their arms because a teaching experiment became an  overnight  success.   It all came about when the English dept. chair Mrs.  Lenzin got tired of the  emphasis  science was receiving after Sputnik shook  the  world.  Mrs. Lenzin got books  from  District News Company in  Washington.    Soon a 6-foot shelf of paperbacks was  installed in the school’s  student store.  After 31/2 weeks, more than 1,100 copies had  been sold and  no recession  was in sight.   The books cost from 25 to 75 cents and  covered  fiction, science  and numerous other subjects.  “We are trying to stick to  classics,” Mrs.  Lenzin said, “but we also want to stimulate reading.  Some  of the books  have wide student appeal.   If we can stimulate kids who aren’t  academically minded to  forget that this is long-hair stuff we have a success.”

-Money earned toward a foreign exchange student
-Clinic staff consisted of 7 members
-New extra-curricular activities:   Bowling Club, Junior Red Cross, Keyettes  (female  version of Key Club), and Latin Club

1958 - 1959

-First female Assistant Principal, Mrs. Carstalert
-New extra-curricular activities- Spanish Club, French Club and Latin Club

1959 - 1960

-New Principal William Jordan (5 years)

1960 - 1961

-New extra-curricular activities- Wrestling, International Club, Medical Science  Club,  Debate

1961 - 1962

-New extra-curricular activities- German Club, American Field Service Club

1963 - 1964 (Death of John Kennedy)

Greater emphasis on the use of the audiolingual method of language teaching.  The language lab was used extensively by all classes in carrying out this program.  Acquisition of typewriter with foreign accents made teachers’ work easier.  German IV, French IV, French V, and AP French

1964 - 1965

-New Principal Thomas D. Todd (6 years)
-First Black students: Armentia Wall, Adrian Jackson, Doris Jackson, Pauline Jackson,  Regina Hicks, Lawrence Brooks and Fennix Brooks
-Spanish IV, Latin IV
-Science Program- Science Fair, Trips to Planetarium, Science Club
-American Civilization class- correlation between American History and  literature
-Ice Skating Club

1965 - 1966

-Building expanded to add the library, cafeteria and auditorium
-Pride Assembly- about traditions which have passed down and importance of spirit in  sportsmanship, honor and scholarship
-SCA committee- to study the Honor Code. The code as approved by 90%  student  majority:
  “As a member of the student body of Falls Church High, I take upon myself  the   responsibility of acting in such a manner as to reflect my personal honor  and bring   esteem to my school.”
-Torch and Banner Club- all girls are encouraged to serve the school and  community in  any way possible
-Concert Band merits superior rating

1966 - 1967

-Paperback book drive for soldiers in Vietnam (400 books)
-Inter Club Council- includes all the club presidents
-Political Science Forum

1967 - 1968

-FCHS is relocated to the current building and the original building becomes the junior  high
-Administrative duties increase
-Project Nine- nine teachers, about ninety students and four classes in math,  social  studies, English and science- to give individual attention to freshmen  who did not do  that well in 7th and 8th grades.
-Building has Jaguar Hall for trophies, math lab and Planetarium
-Spirit/Pride week at FCHS- essay contest, “I am proud” ribbons, school colors
-Green and white wooden passes created by Pep Club
-Green and white flag created by Keyettes to display whenever there is victory
-Fencing taught in 10th grade physical education

1968 - 1969

-Marching Band chosen to play for President Nixon -Band praised in a  personally  addressed letter from newly inaugurated President.
-Marching Band:  “Band of the Year” at a competition at Herndon High School
-One Principal, two assistant principals and one aide to assistant principals
-First three Black faculty members(Guidance, math and chair of Home  Economics and  Industrial Arts)
-Foreign exchange student from El Salvador

1969 - 1970

-Foreign Exchange Student:   Margaret Wall from New Zealand
-Homecoming Queen:             Roz Horton
-Christmas Queen:                 Susie Clements
-Sweetheart Queen:               Annette Jorgensen
-Prom Queen:                         Susie Short

-Cheerleading: First black student on Freshman cheerleading squad - Wanda Jackson

-First year smashed Stuart Raiders!

Varsity Jags Sports Outcome
-Football:             8 Wins    1 Loss       1 Tie
-Wrestling:           7 Wins    3 Losses   1 Tie
-Basketball:        12 Wins   3 Losses
-Girls Basketball:  6 Wins   5 Losses
-Girls Hockey:       6 Wins   1 Loss      1 Tie

1970 - 1971

-New principal Rodney B. Taylor (one year)
-SGA- president has veto power over senate and duties of parliamentarian are  defined.  SGA worked closely with other Area II school for the whole year
-Area II Council petitioned to end school at 2:30 and exchanged students for a  day to  observe problems and their solutions, curriculum, students’ rights and  the internal  workings of schools in other situations.
-Bell becomes a tradition- beats Stuart second year in a row
-Two Honeywell computer terminals connected to a master computer in Boston  and open  from 1:00-3:00 daily for math and logic problems.  In the yearbook it  is written:  “Language  of computer became sixth foreign language.”
-Foreign Languages taught:  Spanish, Italian, German, Latin and French
-Astronomy class
-Homecoming Queen:   Cathi Rudacille
-Sweetheart Queen:      Vickie Saunders
-Prom Queen:                Patty Trinkle
-Miss Falls Church:       Valerie Lewis

Varsity Jags Sports Outcome

Bell becomes a tradition:   FCHS Beats Stuart Second Year in a Row!

-Football:             7 Wins   3 Losses
-Wrestling:           5 Wins   5 Losses    1 Tie
-Basketball:        13 Wins   9 Losses
-Girls Basketball:  4 Wins   8 Losses
-Girls Hockey:      6 Wins   2 Losses

1971 - 1972

-New Principal Joseph King (2 years)

-Racial tension:  At least seven youths were injured, three requiring hospital treatment when several instances of racial fighting broke out (the largest so far) at a dance at FCHS after a football game with Marshall High School.   Whites and Blacks had a fight against each other.  Next day 4 students (2 blacks and 2 whites) were suspended.  Principal King blamed the outbreak of fighting on white youths not enrolled at the school.  385 of 1,900 students were absent (normally about 120 are absent) due to parents’ fear of further fighting.  In a six-minute speech on the school’s public address system, Principal King said that he was cancelling “sock hops” and barring student visitors at the school.  He would also see a county juvenile court order prohibiting five former FCHS students, all of them white and dropouts within the last years, from coming on the high school grounds.  “We have not learned to live in an American plural society where everyone belongs.  “Our students come from some of the richest and poorest families in the county,” King said. But he described the area as a “little more” like the city than the typical Fairfax community.  White students who attended the school were scattered throughout the school district.  But the majority of the school’s 100 blacks came from the James Lee community off Annandale Road at the edge of Falls Church.  *This incident may have been originally ignited after the hit-and-run death of a female FCHS black student who had been throwing rocks.  When caught by police, the girl ran and was hit by a car and killed.  The community was upset at the way the police had handled the situation.
*Note: A classmate remembers that it was a male, not a female, that she knew that was killed. She could not believe that that person would throw rocks at cars, it was not like him. She could not remember his name.

*Clarification:   The two incidents desccribed above happened at two different times and were not related.   The hit and run occurred during the summer in June near the James Lee Apartments.   The person hit and killed was a black male, the driver of the car was a white male.   Rocks were being thrown at cars due to the frustration of the community with how the police had handled the situation.

The racial fighting happened after a football game with Marshall High School in September. Some unkind words were spoken from the school bus and more words were exchanged and the fighting started. The police were called to assist two officers on the scene.

-Human Relations Council created (large number of Black students):  Brotherly  Week (to  celebrate Black History); Soul Dinner; skit portraying Martin Luther  King, fashion show  and dance performance
-Legislature:  members monitor hall and work with constitution for betterment  of school
-Literary magazine wins first place in Virginia High School League
-Awards for scholastic superiority- Math Team, Debate Team, It’s Academic,  National  Merit Semi-Finalists
-The Tri-Hi-Y Club- new service club
-Rifle Team
-Study Halls lack study (in yearbook)
-Smoking Lounge

-Foreign Exchange Student:   Haim Ovadis

-Homecoming Queen:    Debbie Williams
-Sweetheart Queen:       Nancy Little
-Prom Queen:                Debbie Irwin
-Miss Falls Church:        Debbie Williams

Varsity Jags Sports Outcome
-Football:              4 Wins    6 Losses
-Wrestling:          10 Wins    1 Loss      1 Tie
-Basketball:           6 Wins  11 Losses
-Girls Basketball:   2 Wins    6 Losses
-Girls Hockey:       3 Wins    3 Losses   2 Ties

1972 - 1973

-Six classes a day
-Miss Falls Church High School - First black student to hold the title.
-First Black Guidance Director
-Human Relations Council (large number of Black students)- “to discuss and  try to change  some of the problems every school faces” (in yearbook)
-American Field Service- to bring someone from another country and to make  him/her feel  good
-Model United Nations
-Business program- VICA and DECA
-Marching Band appears on nationwide TV
-Foreign Exchange Student:   Rosa Araujo from Brazil

-Queen:                      Marcia Yanick
-Christmas Queen:     Mariza Araujo
-Sweetheart Queen:   Joanne Crim
-Prom Queen:             Linda Bussler
-Miss Falls Church:     Wanda Jackson

 Varsity Jags Sports Outcome
-Football:               2 Wins  8 Losses
-Wrestling:            8 Wins   2 Losses
-Basketball:         14 Wins   6 Losses
-Girls Basketball:   1 Win  13 Losses
-Girls Hockey:        0 wins   6 Losses   2 Ties

1973 - 1974

-New Principal Dr. James Wilson

1974 - 1975

-Attempt to decentralize the functioning of FCHS.  An assistant principal is  designated for  each class.  Assistant principals are also individually assigned  supervision of various  academic and vocational departments. Individual pupil  identity with administrators  considered vital to the unity of a diverse student  body
-Academics:  Final Examination Exemption policy is passed.  Testing schedules  to  alleviate end of the term tensions, ESL is added to the Foreign Language  program
-National Honor Society helps ESL students

1975 - 1976

-First female president of student body
-“Violence hinders progress” (in school’s newsletter)
-“Drunks will be barred from dances” (principal in newsletter). Drinking age is  being  considered to be raised from 18
-Truancy problem is mentioned in school’s newsletter
-Dedication of Weber Stadium honoring long, hard work of athletic director
-Academics:  Science includes Horticulture course, Global Studies combines  English 9  and World History, Math department brings in the first aid assistant
-Music program:  Marching Band travels to Florida for nationwide competition;  first FCHS  Stage Band

1976 - 1977

-Academic News:  It’s Academic Wins; English and Social Studies combine  efforts; math  course for SAT’s
-Extra-curricular activities- Computer Club, Battle of the Sexes

1977 - 1978

-Quote in school’s newsletter after an art teacher is cut:  “Administration has  made it clear  that art is not important.”
-More strict grading system is implemented
-Sex Ed. is implemented
-Most commonly misspelled words
-Southern Accountability Consortium- working on plan for students to grade  teachers

1978 - 1979

-First African-American man in administration (James Powel)
-Mention of divisive cliques in yearbook
-ESL is not part of Foreign Languages anymore
-McDonalds supplies and operates food services in FCHS to stop auto  accidents (menu  included soft drinks)

1979 - 1980

-Extra-curricular activities:  Spelling Bee, International Club

1980 - 1981

-Portable classrooms are added because of rising number of students
-Music program:  Choir is reinstated
-Academics:  All students are required to have at least one foreign language or  science  credit
-Extra-curricular activities:  Bicycle Club

1982 - 1983

-First Black female assistant principal -Drinking age raised to 19
-First leadership conference to help define the purpose of their clubs
-Humanities Study/Travel Program

1983 - 1984

-Jeans have become the fashion (yearbook)

1984 - 1985

No Entry

1985 - 1986

-Govt. classes establish the routine of field trips to Washington, D.C.

1986 - 1987

-44 countries are represented in FCHS
-Extra-curricular activities- American Civilization Club, SADD
-Academics:  Electronics class; business course become popular; cosmetology;  life skills  (formerly known as home economics); world civilization class  considered very challenging

1987 - 1988

-New principal Dr. Bart Kramer (three years)
---AP classes add .5 to GPA
---Block classes are global studies; world cultures, American civilization and   humanities
---Human relations classes include peer relations and peer counseling

1988 - 1989

-New principal Harry Holsinger
-Advanced Placement:  All school districts in VA except Fairfax County give a full point for    AP classes.  In the yearbook AP classes are presented as being  more creative with more  projects and presentations
-Academics:  Architectural Drawing class, Gourmet Foods Restaurant Trades  and  Catering.
-Senior Quan Quoc Bao Tran wins First Place in the Virginia State PTA Essay  Contest for  his essay on “Why I choose to vote”
-$11 million renovation- new computerized heating and air conditioning;  gymnasium’ floor  and ramp; much bigger stage for auditorium with  computerized light and sound control  booth; expanded library; added and  renovated  classrooms; new business wing  classrooms; and new PD center;  nursing; air conditioning; auto tech; new child  development center; floors;  carpet in library; and green lockers

History of the Physical Disabilities Center
By PD social worker Kiran Shahani

The Physical Disabilities Program at Falls Church HS, established in 1988, was the result of a merger of 2 programs – one at Fairfax HS and the other at Edison HS.  FCPS administration decided to consolidate the program for cost effectiveness. Each school was staffed with teachers, aides, therapists and an itinerant social worker.   The 2 programs were rivals in school allegiance and wheelchair basketball, which they played at the annual P.D. Field day (students with physical disabilities from the 2 high schools, Holmes Middle school, Fairhill and Bush Hill Elementary schools competed in various adapted sports on that day).  There were close to 190 students at the 5 schools with PD programs then, with the 2 high schools having about 60-65 students.  Parents and students at both high schools were very unhappy with the decision to change their school placement and there were many meetings to resolve the various concerns.

Falls Church HS was renovated to accommodate the new program, with the addition of the POD area, accessible bathrooms for the students, the therapy area and 6 classrooms.  Next it was time to prepare the staff and the student body at FCHS, as they had not had the experience of dealing with this unique population.  Shortly after the arrival of the program, we arranged for small groups of our students to do panel presentations in the general education classrooms.  We prepared them for the kinds of questions they could expect from the student body, and they rehearsed what they would like to share.  A staff member accompanied each group in case additional information was needed for clarification.  The students fielded questions regarding their disability, interests, hobbies, extra- curricular activities, etc., sharing similarities and differences.  Some of the general education students were surprised to learn that our students were not living in a “home” together somewhere but actually had parents,socialized, listened to the same music, did not sleep in their wheelchairs and were not born in wheelchairs!!  This was such a popular activity that it was repeated with every freshman group for some years.

General education teachers at first were reluctant and anxious when they were asked to take a P.D. student or 2 in their classrooms.  These students were capable of being mainstreamed and keeping up with the academics, as indicated in their IEP’s; however, teachers were concerned about the speech impairments, the wheelchairs and other adaptations needed by our students.  Our program provided them with support staff and pretty soon our students wereable to prove themselves to be amazing role models – they worked hard, completed their homework, earned good grades, were well-behaved and respectful of the teachers.  This motivated the other students in the class to work hard and,as a result, every year several teachers asked to have a PD student in their class because they were such a joy to teach!

Our students ran for student government, participated in plays, were expert pianists, served as managers for sports teams and even tried out for cheerleading, in spite of being in wheelchairs.  Students from the 2 previously warring school programs, who had sworn to dislike and not have anything to do with the other group, soon learned to get along, grew to like each other and many long-term, close friendships were formed.  Many have maintained their close friendships,taking care of each other and their families as well.  Some of the staff and parents worked long and hard and had a group home established where some graduates now live – others have jobs or their own business, live on their own, or with family or friends and have productive lives.  Staff and students have changed, but the positive, energizing spirit of the P.D program has continued to thrive at FCHS.

1989 - 1990

-Hispanic students who were interested in science and math went to a  conference in San  Antonio,Texas
-New extra-curricular activities- Future Teachers Club; Model United Nations  Club, Forum  (support system for mostly African American students for the  appreciation for art, music,  dance and positive self-identity)
-Student Leadership- consisted of 60 students
-New Child Care Program
-Cooperative Office Education

1990 - 1991

-Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is started

1991 - 1992

-New principal Hector Montenegro (one year)
-Tardiness is a problem at FCHS- “Top ten excuses for Tardiness” (yearbook)

1992 - 1993

-Principal Marvin Spratley (first black principal- 7 years)- promises that he will  stay a long  time (left the school when he was terminally ill)
-Attendance concern by Principal- “It’s hard for teachers to teach you if you  are not here.”
-Principal Spratley focuses on the theme “FCHS is like a family” during his  tenure as a  principal
-Japanese Club

1994 - 1995

-Advanced Fashion Merchandize class- fashion show
-Hermanitas (mentoring group for female Latin students) (lasted 8 1/2 years  and was  reinstated again for one more year)
-Heritage Week Student Committee

1996 - 1997

-Internet comes to FCHS
-Block scheduling starts

1997 - 1998

-65 countries and 35 languages; 42% Caucasian, 26% Asian, 22% Hispanic,  10% African  American
-“The best thing about different heritages is that we are able to experience them  everyday” (student Sueshan Malkasian in yearbook)

1999 - 2000

-New Principal Dr. Vera Blake (first female principal, almost three full years)
-September- Mr. Marvin Spratley passes
-All teachers start taking attendance each period
-Saturday Academy starts
-Virginia Senate passes moment of silence
-Korean Club begins

2000 - 2001

-Virginia Standards of Learning emphasis begins
-Instructional Council (IC) starts (teacher leaders and administrators making a  lot of  the  instructional decisions)
-Focus 2004 Committee (professional development committee by teacher  leaders begins)  to improve and pass the VA SOLs

2001 - 2002

-“FCHS is a Gung-Ho school” (Dr. Blake)
-FCHS’ modified calendar begins
-A lot of emphasis on testing; extended time required for freshmen
-FCHS institutes the STAR program (Success Through Academic Readiness), a  format  that sets up small learning communities that focus on reaching at risk  students and  increasing their likelihood of graduating and moving on to four- year colleges

2002 - 2003

-New principal Janice Lloyd (5 years and 2 months)
-Incipient process to become a Professional Learning Community (PLC)(visit  by the entire  instructional council to Adlai Stevenson High School to learn  about their PLC)
-Congressman Jim Moran visits FCHS in response to letters sent to him by  students in  Achievement Via Individual Determination (AVID) students

2003 - 2004

-First stage of PLC:  A Community of Learners - PAWS (Performance  Activities with  Students), -Freshmen Advisory Council, Privileges, horizontal  and vertical collaboration,  data analysis, shared mission, vision, values and  goals
-A lot of emphasis on academic achievement; SOL sores soar

2004 - 2005

-Second stage of PLC:  Everybody is a Mentor - “This supports our vision  because it  recognizes the importance of us as stakeholders to ensure that our  vision is  implemented” (Principal Lloyd)
-Emphasis in collaboration with parent community
-PD student Numan Aslam helps change transportation laws in the area-  crosswalk  buttons which are too small and much too high for him to reach

2005 - 2006

-Third stage of PLC:  Five Pillars of Progress
-395th best high school in America according to Newsweek magazine
-FCHS passes the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)
-First Administrator for FCHS Academies (new classes: criminal justice, and  fire and  rescue
-AVID starts (Advancement Via Individual Determination)
-Poetry Club
 Varsity Jags Sports Outcome
-Football:      6 Wins     4 Losses
-Basketball:   2 Wins   18 Losses

2006 - 2007

-FCHS passes the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)
-189th best high school in America according to Newsweek Magazine
-FCHS becomes an AVID National Demonstration Site on the east coast.  Falls  Church is  one of only two high schools in Fairfax County that have a full four- year AVID program.
-“One of our best kept secrets ever lies in broad daylight:  Falls Church High is  a true  melting pot. There is no ethnic majority and everyone is alright with  that.” (Yearbook)
-“If a want a global perspective, I don’t have to search around the internet.  I  can just look  around the classroom.” (student Linda Conway in internet)
-Over 40 languages and 83 represented countries
-Ben Affleck and– commencement speaker at FCHS thanks to his friendship  with Falls  Church senior Joe Kindregan.  Kindregan and Affleck met when the  actor was filming  1998’s Forces of Nature at Dulles Airport.  Kindregan has  ataxia-telangiectasia, a rare  degenerative disease, and since then Affleck has  become a fundraiser of the search for a  cure.

 Varsity Jags Sports Outcome
-Football:               3 Wins     7 Losses
-Basketball:           4 Wins   18 Losses
-Girls Basketball:   7 Wins   13 Losses

2007 - 2008

-FCHS starts its own brand of coffee, Jaguar Joe, thanks to its collaboration  with  Annandale’s Chamber of Commerce
-FCHS comes up with its touchstone The Jaguar Way thanks to the Character  Ed.  Committee
-New extra-curricular activities- The Really Good Film Festival (Character Ed.);  Recycling  Club; Cartooning Club; Gay/Straight Alliance; Vietnamese Club

 Varsity Jags Sports Outcome
-Football:               3 Wins     7 Losses
-Basketball:           0 Wins   23 Losses
-Girls Basketball:   3 Wins  18 Losses

2008 - 2009

-First full year of new Principal Cathy Benner
-Parent Resource Center opens
-AVID coordinator Francis Payne becomes Teacher of the Year (Washington  Post)
 Varsity Jags Sports Outcome
-Football:              1 Win      9 Losses
-Basketball:          3 Wins   20 Losses
-Girls Basketball:  0 Wins   21 Losses